Project Target



Our company aims to plant and grow herbs for producing Medicinal & Aromatic Essential Oil to the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food industry.

Our project covers; plant and grow herbs for producing Medicinal and Aromatic Essential Oils in our fields with the latest technology at Balıkesir and Samsun province total 20.000 hectares for distributing national & international markets. Our operation started at Balıkesir province with Okur A.Ş.’s land of 400 hectares this year 2021. Production will start with additional 600 hectares by leased as a long term treasury or non-forest land. Our investment will continue to add 4.000 hectares of contracted agriculture. Our target is to reach total 10.000 hectares planted land in 5 years. In Samsun province, 1.000 hectares of long-term treasury or non-forest land will be leased in the first stage. 4.000 hectares of contracted agriculture in the second stage, and 5.000 hectares of agricultural land will be added in the third stage, and a total of 10.000 hectares will be reached. Our products will be Organic Agriculture Certified.